Cartridges ECCO

35 mm Water and Energy Savings Cartridge  (replaces K35B Cartridges)

Save Energy and Conserve

KN35B Ecco
Two exclusive features to provide economies of water consumption overall,
and of hot water use specifically:

  • Saves energy by turning on in middle position of lever handle, delivering cold water - adds hot water only as lever is rotated.

  • Saves water because user must override “resistance bump” to obtain high flow - acts as deterrent to unconsciously turning handle on to full flow position regardless of water requirement.Testing has shown a 15 to 35 % savings in water usage. This will vary depening on water presssure and faucet.


The decrease in volume is barley detectable for daily washroom
need and the water pressure remains very strong.

This is a simple way to reduce your water and energy (hot water - can be electric,gas hot water tanks, instant on systems or boilers) usage.

Economical flow rate is maximum
9 l/min / 2.4 gpm at 3 bar / 45 psi.
NKJ-35 ECO and NKB-35 ECO

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